Terms and conditions


 1. General conditions

The users of in-town.ro can purchase tickets through this platform, the orders being confirmed by a registration e-mail received after the successful completion of the order. The purchase is subject to the following terms and conditions, and users are required to comply with the terms of this document.

In-town reserves the right to modify/complete at any time the "Terms and Conditions" section without notifying users in advance. Please note that subsequent changes may be caused by national or European regulatory regulations, etc.

Users are required to comply with the rules that event organizers set for the good conduct of events

2. Placing an order

All orders made on this site are final and cannot be canceled. To place an order, users need to follow these steps:

1- entering authentication data;

2- selecting the event and the tickets from the available ticket category;

3- selecting the number of desired products and placing the order;

4- checking the billing address and personal data;

5- order confirmation;

3.  Payment method

The products that are ordered from the in-town.ro site can be paid online by card. Visa and MasterCard cards that are enrolled in the 3DSecure system are accepted.

Fees, worth 10% of the order value, represent management and processing fees, Red Cross stamp duty, stamp duty for historical monuments, collective management entities fees, and apply to all orders made on the in-town.ro site and which require further processing and assistance for their completion. Tickets requested by buyers can be considered valid only after full payment has been made and received.

The payment service provider performing the banking operations is Euplătesc.ro.

Pursuant to Government Emergency Ordinance 28/1999, art. 2, letter F, for activities for which the receipts are made on fixed-rate vouchers printed according to the law – for access tickets for performances and other alike activities, no fiscal bill is issued.

4.  Delivery method

After successfully completing an order on the in-town.ro site, the users will receive the tickets purchased within 48 hours at the e-mail address used for the registration. Subsequently, tickets can be printed for presentation at the event check-in point or can be showed directly on the smartphone screen. The code on each ticket is unique and allows one person to access the event. After scanning a code, it cannot be reused by another person.

5. Loss, theft or damage of the tickets

In-town responsibility for the order ceases when the tickets are delivered in normal conditions to the buyer. In-town is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to the tickets after delivery.

In case of loss or theft of online tickets, the buyer is obliged to notify this fact to In-town, at [email protected], to replace the tickets. If the user does not notify In-town in a timely manner, In-town assumes no responsibility for the use of the tickets by another person, nor for the initial buyer's inability to participate in the event based on lost/stolen tickets. In order to cancel the lost/stolen tickets, the buyer must prove that the ticket was purchased from the In-town platform, including the fact that he/she paid for the ticket. If the buyer cannot be identified, the reissue of the ticket is not possible.

It is not recommended to send partial or total images containing purchased tickets. In-town is not responsible for the use of copies of those tickets to access the event. Thus, the first checked and validated ticket at the check-in point will be considered authorized, the person having access to the event. Other tickets containing the same code will be declared invalid, the person being denied access.

6. Risk free – the right to withdraw

When an online order is made, customers can choose the Risk free service, a service that allows them to request the return of the ticket value. The return is made up to at least 14 days before the start of the event. In-town will only return the price of the purchased tickets, not the commissions associated with the payment.

The Risk Free service cannot be added after the order has been completed.

6.1  Refunding ticket value

The value of the purchased tickets can be returned by submitting a request in this respect to [email protected] only by respecting the following conditions:

  1.     If the refund request is made at least 14 days prior to the date of the event, the buyer may receive, as a result of cancellation of purchased tickets, 100% of their value (excluding any fees, charges, costs, expenses incurred by the buyer when buying it) if one of the following situations occurs:
  •       the death of the buyer or his/her spouse or a grade I or II relative
  •       serious illness of the buyer, his or her spouse, a first degree relative, or a person accompanying him / her at the festival;
  •       the buyer's citation by a court, within a timeframe set during the festival;
  •       fire or robbery of the buyer's home;
  •       theft or serious damage to the buyer's car;
  •       dismissal of the buyer by the employer;
  •       theft of identity documents necessary for travel;

If the buyer finds himself/herself in any of the aforementioned situations, the buyer has to send the documents justifying the cancellation of the ticket to [email protected]

Please note that such cases are treated individually, and In-town may decide not to refund the ticket if the supporting documents do not show one of the above situations.

  1.     reimbursement of the amount representing the value of the tickets shall be made to the account from which the initial payment was made or to an account indicated by the buyer within 14 working days from the date of filling in the application;
  2.     cancellations can be made in full (for all tickets purchased by the buyer), or partially (for only a part of the purchased tickets);
  3.     Any refund requests received later than 14 days until the start date of the event will under no circumstances be considered.

 7. Invoice for legal entities

If the order was made on behalf of a legal entity, an invoice can be issued following a request from the buyer to [email protected] The e-mail must contain the complete and correct billing data: the order number and identification data of the legal entity (company name, unique tax identification number, trade registry number, office address, bank account, first and last name of the delegate).

Requests will be sent to the organizers of the event. The invoice will be sent to the buyer within 14 days from the date the request was made.

8. Reselling tickets

The Buyer is not allowed to sell or to alienate the ticket purchased from In-Town.ro to a third party for the purpose of obtaining material or promotional benefits. The organizer of the event may refuse the participation of such tickets to the event or may evict the holders of such tickets from the event venue.

9. Organizer’s cancellations and deficiencies

In-town activity is limited to ticket distribution. In-town has no responsibility for reimbursing money for products purchased through the platform or from the partners.

The amount of money received from the sale of the tickets are transferred to the organizers' accounts in accordance with the contracts concluded with them. In the event of canceling an event, In-town can endeavor to get the organizers to return the money, using only the legal ways at their disposal. If the organizer does not return buyers the value of the purchased tickets, the legal actions initiated by the users will be taken on the organizers, not In-town.

In-city does not take any liability for possible delays, postponing, cancellations or organizational deficiencies of the event for which the tickets were purchased or for restrictions imposed by the organizer or state institutions (on the number of tickets that can be purchased by a person etc.) . Buyers will address the event organizer for any claims.

If an event is canceled or rescheduled and the organizer decides to refund the value of the purchased tickets to the buyers, In-city will only refund the ticket value, administration and processing fees, Red Cross stamp duty, stamp duty for historical monuments, taxes for the collective management bodies not being refundable.

10. Data privacy

People who visit this website are not required to provide any personal information. However, in order to provide you our services, we need some personal information such as: name, date of birth, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, your preferences, and, in some cases, your bank account. In-Town uses these data for operational purposes only (contract conclusion and execution) and statistics.

The mandatory or optional nature of personal information is indicated at the time of purchase of the tickets. The refusal to provide mandatory personal data implies the failure or refusal of access to the requested service.

For more details, please see our Privacy Policy.

11. Complaints and questions

If the buyer/user encounters a problem and needs help, he/she can address exclusively at [email protected].

12. Contact

For situations related to the purchase process, you can contact us at the e-mail address: [email protected]